Could you

Written at a time I was asking a lot of questions both of others and myself.

Could you listen for a minute/if I couldn’t take advice/
Could you put your life on hold/when your world is crumbling/
Would you come on this journey/take my hand and go for a walk/
Would you be able to understand/the reason that life is hard/

Could you let others in/would you be transparent or opaque/
Would you get scared/the outside world would judge you/
Would you lock your feelings inside/and never be real/
No doors windows or locks/only you and your thoughts/

Make the time to heal/in the end it will be worth it
When your heart is hurting/will you look for people to help you/
Make yourself known/when that’s the last thing on your mind/
Will you choose to isolate/and destroy the ones you tried to love before/

Just imagine you are on the right track/doing the right thing
Just dream you can be anything and it’s not too late/
Just try to be honest/with yourself and others/
Just be yourself/people aren’t as scary as they seem at times/

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