See the other side

Written on a day when I wasn’t sure what to expect, because life is full of so many unknowns.

Storms will come in our lives/no way around them/no way to avoid them/you just got to find a way through them/Sometimes things are looking great/other times all you see is the rain/dealing with my thoughts/one at a time/driving me insane/trying to figure out the reasons/

It has been said/without the rain/nothing grows/while this is true/it doesn’t help covering your hurt with platitudes/we can choose to be thankful/even when life is cloudy/because the hurt will pass/and make you stronger in the process/when we want things to be clearer/we forget to see the other side/

If our days were only filled with sunshine/how could we grow without the rain/we would become parched/and would be stuck in the ground/trying to see the world clearer/but also remembering that we can choose/to be thankful for the rain as well/I never said it would be easy/but the journey is worth it/

Have you ever felt like you were drowning/gasping for a breath/have you ever encountered a season/where you felt as dry as a desert/have you ever longed for a sign/to show you who is in control/have you ever wondered how your life may be different/if it never rained on your parade/

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