There are

Written at a time in my life when I was both anxious but also excited for the next steps in my healing.

There are many things I wanted to tell you
Even more things I had hoped you’d grow to understand
There are moments ahead of us that will blow away the past
There are memories to be made that are greater than what once was

There are trials in my life, that are hard for me to deal with
There are days in my life, that I wish I could go back to bed
There are things I wanted to share, but I feel afraid
There are times ahead that are meant to be remembered

There are many emotions that are a part of my healing
There are many feelings that I don’t know how to process
There are many times when I want no one else to know
There are many times I think I’m better off alone

There is power in a team that understands
There is power in a friend who will challenge your beliefs
There is healing in sharing your thoughts, feelings and dreams
There are things that others go through but don’t know how to share them

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