Throw it all away

Written when I was having thoughts that the trials in my life weren’t producing any fruit in my life.

I didn’t want to talk about it
Definitely thought I was being judged
I didn’t think anyone would ever listen
I didn’t think someone could ever understand

My journey has been tough but I won’t throw it all away
The mystery of why things feel the way they do
The hurts and mixed emotions swirling through my mind
The scars remain, but so do I and I am stronger

Throw it all away and you start from the beginning
Throw it all away and you forget everything you’ve been through
If you are made stronger through the fire would you still throw it all away
If you were still the same, would you be able to take steps forward

It’s still your choice, I ain’t telling you how to live your life
It’s still your decision, but I know I have been through my share of struggles
It’s still your life to live, but do you really want to throw it all away
It’s still your soul at stake, but you will be refined by fire

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