You say

Written when I was having trouble with what people say about me.

You say I lead a complicated and private sort of life
You say I never listen and you can say that I will fail all my life
You say I always have propensity for trouble
You say I will never have the strength it takes

I wish I could say that I was a hundred percent honest with myself
I wish I could say that I was always good at listening
I wish hard times would never find me
I wish I could say I always will be strong enough

What you say about me, really doesn’t matter
What you think I’m all about, really will never resonate with me
What you talk about to others when I’m not around go ahead you gossip
What you lack in confidence you try to take out on me

You say I’ll never understand
You say I’ll never grow up past this stage
You say I’ll never find love
You say I’ll never be the one again

I encourage you to look at your heart
I think there are statements you make that you have tried to live out
I think the honesty of others is the thing that you’re scared of
I think there is healing in being real

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