Being real with you

Written at a time I just got two new therapists, and was discovering myself again. Able to come out of hiding the way I feel.

I didn’t understand when you told me to be honest
I didn’t comprehend when you tried to be there for me
I couldn’t stand if I hadn’t learned to crawl
I tried to hide but I soon found out that isn’t the way to live life

Being real with you will help me heal from my past
Being real with you will help me understand the emotions deep inside
Being real with you has taught me that life is better lived in the light
Being real with you has taught me that things will get better

Being real with others is scary
Being real with the wrong people may end with you getting hurt
Being real with the ones you love will bring healing
Being real with the people who’ve never met you really doesn’t matter what they say

I never thought that it would be easy but I never imagined it could be this hard
I never can learn to love if I don’t love myself inside
I never expected you to understand, but I wasn’t being honest
I never cried as much as I have now, but that means I am feeling things again

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