Written at a time when I was sick of staying where I was. Realizing that it was up to me to change it. I took steps by getting 2 new therapists and a counselor.

I’ve been trying to fly/been stuck in a cage/trying to get out/but hitting the walls I in fact created/I saw the world through bars/I wanted to be free/to live a life free from bondage/it wasn’t all my fault/but if I were to get out/only I held the key to unlock all the doors/

I always blamed myself/for the isolation that I felt/I tried everything to understand/trying to figure out/why I couldn’t unlock my emotions/it was like every time I tried to fly higher/I constantly hit the same ceiling I created/I was like if it were up to me/I’d want to live on the outside/

Something clicked inside my mind/it sounded like a cannon/I didn’t have to remain in the cage/this time I realized that I was equipped/with everything I needed to unshackle myself/to cut free from my chains/because I am no longer tethered to my past/I am learning how to break free/

Like a cage/was my minds emotions/like a prisoner/bound to my past/by the shame and guilt I tried to hide/I blamed myself/but I realized that the only way/I would be the one to blame/if I didn’t change and remained the same/the cage I was in was closing in/but I am holding the keys/

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