I am not one

Written when I was thinking a lot of being negative about my past.

I’m not one to judge/been hurt too many times/I’m not one to talk behind your back/but lately it’s been hard/I’m not one for making a scene/seeing all the drama in the world today/We are all humans/going through some hard times/can we learn to love/instead of hating on people who are different/

I’m not the one who will tell you what to do/I’m not the one who will base my opinion of you/based on the outside/I’m not the one who will turn their back on you/I am not the the one who gossips/but sometimes I mess up too/I’m not saying that I’m perfect/but I am not the kind of person who beats around the bush/

If I don’t agree with you/we can still be friends/If we have different views on life/we can still hang out/I hope you will understand/when I tell you that I care/you mean the world to me/I may write a poem about you/that is how I show you my heart/that is how I tell you how much you mean to me/

Trying to be like everyone else/will leave you feeling desperate and all alone/would you try to be yourself/because you are one of a kind/and you are special because you’re the only one/have you ever wanted to be yourself/and stopped caring about what others think of you/and not caring what others think/

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