Push me aside

Written at a time when I felt a lot of negative emotions about the past relationship I was in.

I walked into your life and instead of embracing me, I felt you push me aside
I was trying to be your friend, but you wanted everything from me offered me nothing
I know that love is not expecting anything in return but I didn’t know how
I know that there were complications, but you chose a different side than me

Push me aside and say the memories didn’t happen
Push me aside and say the times we had didn’t matter
Brush me off like the haters do
Brush me off like the chaff blowing in the wind

I put you before myself
I put my own needs up on a shelf
I put my life on hold to help you live yours
I put my life second and made yours more important

If you had the heart to tell me you never really loved me
If you could feel the pain that is driving me insane to a better me
If you could push me aside so easily, it would explain why you left me
If you could choose someone other than yourself, I don’t think you would

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