Real emotion

Written at a time when I was experiencing real emotions and had to remember that they were real.

It’s been a while/since I was able to feel/the emotions I tried to suppress/bubbled up from beneath/like a volcano waiting to erupt/within my burning soul/if I made it a priority/to pretend they don’t exist/it’s hard to feel/when you try to be numb/a fatal flaw I thought would make me succumb/

The way I feel is real/no matter how much/I try to hide the pain/I know now I want to heal/to process and feel real emotion/I have remained hidden for too long/people may judge you/but that is real/the pain that others caused/is a deep emotion/even if they never tell you/

Will you run away/when things get difficult and confusing/it’s your choice to make/do you want others to be real or fake/it’s a chance that I choose to take/I would rather be real and say how I feel/and take control of my emotions/than live a life of lies/and never live before I die/

Who am I to say/that what happened in your past doesn’t matter/who am I to judge you/based on your decisions/if they are different than the ones/I would choose to make/everyone has a chance/to step up and make a difference/or you can choose to live your life in isolation/a life living in the shadows/

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