Tear me apart

Written at a time when I realized that other peoples words could really impact me. And dealing with the pain others caused me is something I am coming to grips with.

Like a tiger waiting to attack its prey, you were using your words to corner me
Like a gazelle running through the field, aware of danger but running free
Like a lion in the heat of the day, hungry and tired from a long hot day
Like a cheetah, closing in on a meal and running past anything that would distract

I won’t let your words prey on me any longer
I won’t let your presence keep me from being stronger
I won’t accept the lies you told about me any longer because I am moving on
I won’t let you tear me apart and take whatever you wanted and leave me the scraps

I don’t want to be silent and let you work your master manipulation
I don’t want to be blind to my own stupidity
I don’t want to be still and watch the world crash around me
I don’t want to be a victim of abuse any longer

I will heal as I pick up the pieces that you left
I will get strong when I can recognize the truth
I will make a new path and blaze it with my friends
I will make a new path as I come out of hiding

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