Written at a time when a lot of people are wishing for something different.

I could spend my time wishing things were different
I could waste my life trying to measure up to what you thought I should be
I would like to spend my time wishing for the best
I would like to spend my life wishing for things to get better

Some days it makes more sense to wish
Some days my heart doesn’t feel like dreaming
Other days I wish that things were different between us
Many days I see how much you’re hurting

I didn’t know I was missing my life dreaming of yours
I didn’t know I was kissing my dreams goodbye, chasing yours
I didn’t know you were holding me captive
I didn’t know you were trying to hurt me

If I knew better
If things went differently
If I was able to tell you how you made me feel
I would be able to come to grips with what you stole from me

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