Inside a box

I try to fall asleep/but walls are closing in/don’t want to live inside this box any longer/thinking if I ever break free/I can only be stronger/my soul hurting and searching for a purpose/a destination that is uncertain at the moment/but you tried to contain my dreams/how dare you/try to confine me/

Today is the day/I have chosen to wreck the box/you have hurt this heart enough/when you took me out to the road/along with the way you treated others/while you yourself were searching for something/to disguise that you too had insecurities/why did it have to come to this/

I have broken free/each moment I believe in myself/when you told me that I was only causing trouble/beginning to understand/trying to rebuild my world with my special team/but you couldn’t help but scoff/when I told you the world doesn’t define me/

I know I will heal/I know that I will be better off/but right now/it seems to hurt so much/but somethings need to go away/in order to find the beauty/when I am thinking about my future/I can see the light/the humiliation I could live without/but you seemed to pile on me/

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