Out tonight

I wanted to go out tonight/but my fear overwhelmed me/trying new things in the cover of darkness/so that if I were to fail/hopefully no one would even notice/but living in the dark/will not help me see the light/and it will not provide my heart with protection/

The monsters are out tonight/I admit I am very scared/but I know the day will come/when the fear of being seen/will give way to wanting to be known/sometimes the things that scare us/are the things that we’re passionate about/

Are you going out tonight/or will you wait until the day/to make your presence known/are you going to cower in the corner/when things come up unexpected/or will you face them like you should/when the obstacles are large/when the way is unknown/

When our minds are tired/after the day is done/is that when your mind races/if you’re like me/when my mind seems to shut down/that’s when my fears get bigger/when we have nothing left inside to offer/that is when your body tells you need to rest/

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