To my rescue

Felt like I was all alone/sometimes it can’t be explained/other times the circumstances contribute/still other times I feel surrounded by family/but still feel an emptiness/what is going on/let’s look at these feelings together/when you are feeling lonely/

My heart is like a ship/stranded out at sea/roaming the ocean without an anchor/other times the waves of life threaten to sink me/I can’t tell you that it’ll be easy/to find purpose again/but from what my captain is telling me/we will be okay/

The horizon is just up ahead/the darkness can’t overwhelm me/the lighthouse is my light/feels so far away/because I am exhausted/from trying to weather the storm/awake all night/with no pause in the rain or wind/my voice hoarse/from crying out for help/

Asking my Lord/to hold this broken heart/asking my Savior to rescue me/when my soul gets wary/treading water used all my inner strength/to try to stay afloat/then it became clear to me/that my God would sustain me/and lead me to the rainbow/

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