God calls us to be active in how we live our lives and not matter how hard it may be to take a step of faith, he will see to it that are actions are not in vain.  There is a time for everything and for everything a time, but if we are too busy contemplating, about what is to be done, the time will pass and we will lose it.


As we take a step of faith, and trust you with our lives and know that you are creating us into the generation that is our future.  We want to be children of faith and courage, and we want you to fill us with your love so please help us to see that time is a precious thing, and help us focus our energy on you alone, for you are God and we long to worship you.  How can we be passive when the rest of the world is going to eternal fire, the time to act is now, and God commands us to take action and not to be passive any longer.

Verse 2:

You tell us in your Holy word, that faith without works is nothing, but it is by the grace of you and not by works that we are saved that nobody can boast.  Since we want to make a difference in this fallen world, please show us more of you, and help us leap out into your arms knowing and trusting you are there to catch use if we jump.


Verse 3:

Knowing that you’re there, and knowing that you care, are just what we need to take a step out of our comfort zone and dive into all the uncertainties of life, because you have them all under control, you are Lord of all. You know what each uncertainty is in each our lives, so with you are there are no uncertainties.

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