Behind the scenes

Some types of people like working behind the scenes so that everyone wont notice them but their contributions are noticed by all.  Sometimes people who work behind the scenes, don’t even want to get recognized.  Some times people who seem to do the least, actually do the things no one else wants to do.  This is the story of how I feel about my band ELF.  I know I can’t sing, and I may be able to learn guitar but it isn’t about me at all.  As a good friend of mine told me, “Jordan thankyou so much for writing the lyrics for the band.” This is something God has really laid on my heart to write lyrics.  Not so much to be noticed because that isn’t what I want to happen at all.  I write lyrics because I want to IMPACT the world with Christ’s message.  I don’t care if I can’t sing, I don’t want everyone to notice me.  I want to proclaim Christ to the world and since people obviously listen to the lyrics that is what they start singing.  Its not only them singing the lyrics they write, but they may be absorbing the messages that I put into my lyrics.  I put a ton of prayer into each song and even two nights ago, I couldn’t get back to sleep but I felt awake and energetic and I felt the Holy Spirit inspiring me to write the song “Nothing is impossible” and the poem How can I? at 330am and 400am.  I am pretty sure the fact I felt refreshed, I am almost positive God is going to use the lyrics I write to bring glory to Him.  I mean I wrote a song called Beanie Babies and that reminds me of Chris Rice’s song cartoons.  I need to keep praying and I definitely need you to pray for me to not only hit my senior year hard but also that God would take my heart for him and my friends who love writing music, but aren’t very fond of writing lyrics, and turn them into songs that bring the glory back to him.  Like even when you ask a teenager who plays a song, they will give you the band who sings it, which helps me out a ton because I don’t want to take any credit for the lyrics I write, but if ELF does then ok.  I think God is going to be glorified no matter what becomes of this. I have written so many songs and now I actually have a binder so I can keep all of them organized and in one place.

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