Bridge: Before You can use me I need to repent (10)
Before I was saved I had no life purpose (10)
I want to kneel before your throne (10)
Before I leave this world I need to show love (10)
Before I was born you already knew me (10)
Before you made me You have chosen me (10)

Chorus: Before there was this thing called time (9)
I want my life to count for more (9)
You were before all time created (9)
I love you Lord with all my heart (9)
You loved me before I was on Earth (9)

Verse 1: I need you now more than ever before (10)
Every breath I take I want to know you (10)
I love you I want to live now, alive (10)
Before a word is on my lips you know (10)
May the love that you give me overflow (10)

Verse 2: Please help me see you more than before (10)
Living for Jesus is not always easy (10)
To see you working is a lot of fun (10)
I give my life to you in all I do (10)

Verse 3: Help me tell others how much you love them (10)
Please show me how to communicate with you (10)
Others need the answers only you give (10)
After your heart I choose to daily live (10)

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