When I hear the word crucify
I can’t help but ask why
Did my loving savior have to die
I ask myself am I living a lie
You’ve paid the price for all my sin
I’m trying to stop but I’ll do it again
My sin is washed away in your blood
You have washed me cleansed me from the mud
The world tries to feed us all these lies, to cover up all the times we lied
But our old selves have already been crucified
Upon the cross you paid the price
To cover my sins as many as the grains of rice
I need to realize what you’ve done
I want you to tell me the battle has already been won
Living for you is not easy, but I don’t have to die
When you paid the price when they shouted crucify
You have risen from the dead
My sins are covered with red
You are my redeemer that lives
The freedom that eternal life gives
I can’t believe what you did for me
Help open up my eyes that I may see
I can love you more and more
When i follow you hard core

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