As I come running playing in the fields
You’re watching me because I am your child
I am so thankful that you have called me your own
I don’t know how to thank you enough

You look into my eyes, and you tell me for you I died
I look into your face Oh Lord, and I see the reason that you cried
I reach up to the skies, with my voice of praise
I worship you because you are worthy

Dancing in the meadows, singing with the birds
Laying in the darkness, praising you with my words
As I see the stars, I thank you for giving me a glimpse of who you are
I can’t explain this love that you give but I don’t have to

I am your child, and you have become my father
No matter where I go, I am your child, and you look at me as undefiled
If I chase after you, you will let me catch you, and if I feel like hiding
You will find me where I am at in my life.

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