Living a nightmare


When you told me that you loved me, little did I know that you never meant it
When you fell asleep at night, I wanted someone I could wake up next to
Terrified now by the emptiness of what those simple words meant to you
I was mortified to learn that your love had so many expectations and conditions

Looking back now I am glad it’s finally over
Looking back now I am glad that I can wake up from living a nightmare
Trying to heal from the constant pain your lies had caused me
Trying to look ahead for a brighter future

Not caring so much about what you think of me was just what my heart needs
Not focusing on the things I have to do to win your love and affection
Not having an ax to grind to help me get through the day
Waking up without you seems like I am finally through the worst

When I had to perform to get noticed by you
When I knew I could never be enough to win your heart
Then I started to realize that I had a future and a hope
Then I started to understand why things ended the way they did

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