I tried to share


If we were to go on a walk
Would you understand that I am hurting
Would you understand that sometimes I just need to vent
I tried so hard but I feel like you misunderstood

There is nothing worse than feeling misunderstood and not listened to
There is nothing more painful than thinking you are the only one going through things
Somethings that I shared that could be misconstrued and you used my words against me
I am still a believer in sharing your struggles with a dear friend

We weren’t made to live this life alone
We weren’t meant to carry our heavy burdens by ourselves
We weren’t meant to live our lives misunderstood
We weren’t meant to try to walk with the cliff on either side with no one to talk t

I tried to share what was going in my mind
I typed it out so I could process with you and help me unwind
But you didn’t care to try to understand my position
You would rather state your opinion and offer it as truth

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