I gave


I gave you my heart
I gave it to you for safe keeping
I gave it to you because I thought you would hold it forever
You took it, beat it down with your lies and tried to cover them up with more

Left it in a pile as if it was jigsaw puzzle with a million different pieces
Left every piece disconnected as if to try to show me you knew what you did
Leaving me to fend for myself, something that you could never do for you
Left me with a trillion questions, but knowing that I am better off without you

I gave you my secrets only for you to put them on display
I gave you my trust only to break it and never try to repair it
I gave you my word, but it was you that had the issues with your self denial
I tried my hardest but I am better off where I am now

I had tried to love
I will learn to love again
I was never shown by you
I will never fall for fake again

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