My heart is tender


You can use your words to poke holes in my heart
As you try to fill it up I find it leaking like a siv
I tried to patch the tears, but you wanted to make the holes bigger
My heart was like your target practice, and you kept hitting me harder

My heart is tender, but it’s trying to heal
My heart is precious, I believe that I will find someone who will hold it better
My heart is still beating, which reminds me it’s not too late to start mending it
My heart is still hurting, which means it hasn’t turned to stone

I tried everything I could to hide my real self
I tried anything that I thought would alleviate the pain
I tried and got out of the way of the shots that you fired at me
I feel free, but my heart is tender and growing

If you really care
Why would you even dare
To bring up the past and use it as a shelter
To keep you from facing the truth that lies in my future

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