The US supreme Court overturned Roe Vs. Wade. There are many of my friends on both sides. As much as I hate to see unborn babies die, I think the ruling makes it harder to have an abortion. I never want to see a situation where the mom has the difficult decision to make whether to keep or terminate the pregnancy, but it should be her decision. It hurts me that this topic is so divisive, and it’s hard to understand both views. I feel like as I believer in pro-life, I can also understand the pro-choice aspect as well. If more people could be more sympathetic toward people getting their rights taken away, I would love to have a discussion with you. I feel heartbroken for the momma’s out there, but also feel for my friends who don’t want their rights demolished. I am realizing this ruling is not just about abortion but also about LGBTQ+ rights being threatened. I am praying for our world, and praying that everyone who this ruling affects will understand other views before passing judgement.

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