The hurt


I don’t know which hurt me more the dishonesty or the lack of emotions
The hurt will heal, but I am happier now than I have ever been
The pain will get better, but you won’t be able to hurt me anymore
That door is closed and I couldn’t be more thankful, I’m on the other side

Slamming doors, yelling at me until you didn’t have a voice
Running to others, because you didn’t want to address the issues that you had
Running to anyone who would listen and take your side
Sometimes things would get ugly, but then I saw your true colors bleeding through

The hurt you caused me was needed to help me become a better man
The way you treated me like the dirt on the ground, is growing someone stronger
I will rise from the ashes, that you thought you had buried long ago
I will get better, and I will soar above the ceiling of the cage you locked me in

The hurt will probably never go away, but I will live to see a brighter day
The pain that you left for me, will become my stepping stone to a new beginning
The rubble that your lies have caused me, tried to burn my life to the ground
I will use the soil to grow myself and become stronger than you’ll ever be

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