Never understand

I can never understand completely the way that I am feeling
I will never be able to comprehend the hurt that you are going through
I have never stopped long enough to listen to others their stories of rejection
That doesn’t mean they don’t exist it’s just I am trying to make sense of my own feelings

If I could dive in and fix the pain I would
If you knew you weren’t alone in your pain would it do you good
If you knew someone else was walking with you
Would you hold my hand as I continue healing

I don’t know what the future will hold for me
I don’t know what the Lord has prepared me to share
I don’t know what the plan is
I don’t always know what the next step is to bring my heart healing

If I never share, if I pretend my pain isn’t real
If I kept things hidden, and locked in a closet
The questions in my mind that I never asked
Would it mean that I couldn’t heal the way I needed

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