Like a brick

I tried to keep my head above the water in this ocean of emotions
I tried to learn to look for the lighthouse through the storm
I tried everything I could to stay afloat as I held on for dear life
I tried to think that I would make it to the shore some day

When you found out who I was you dropped me like a brick
When you found out what I was all about, you only chose to try to save yourself
When you found out that I wanted to give the world, it hit me like a brick
When you figured out that you could make me cry, that is the road you chose

I am not perfect, but then again none of us are
I am not going to sit back and let you use me anymore
I choose to plan things on my own
I will heal once I let myself feel what has left this body numb

I will learn to trust again
I will learn to love again
I will learn to swim again
I will learn to be honest

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