Tied up in knots

You didn’t give my heart butterflies
You chose to make me the caterpillar that had to grow
You didn’t care to stick around to see what I would become
You didn’t need anything that wasn’t in your own little world

I gave you my heart to care for
You tied it up in knots
I gave you a chance to live a good life, but you wanted more than I could offer
If I was stuck in a cocoon, then I would never be able to see the light

I will grow and fly high above
I am free to see the world from a different point of view
I am free to explore the world outside of the world you trapped me in
I am free to grow at the pace that will give me a chance to survive

Like a predator waiting to eat
Like a carnivore that was hungry
You took what you could
Leaving nothing left to chance

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