Where am I

Written after my best friend and I got lost trying to find our car after a baseball game.

Watching the game/making jokes/not knowing what colors we were rooting for/but we had fun being together/even when the wind picked up/we both were a bit chilly/but there is nowhere else I would rather be/because we were together/the rest didn’t matter/

The game finished/we wanted to leave/darkness had come/and we couldn’t find our car/thinking to ourselves/we wanted to be warm/encouraging each other/even though we both were scared/and as we searched and searched/nothing to report of/

It was getting late/and as we looked around/the sounds of sirens getting closer/the wind colder/our patience growing thin/but remembering we had each other/the type of friends/that stay out real late/when the other needs to talk/it wasn’t easy/but we finally found our car/

Only car in the garage/underground as we both spotted her/got to share the joy/after our time of struggling/trying to find the words/of being thankful/words of encouragement/stories made to tell/even if it was tough/when things were getting dark/

One thought on “Where am I

  1. This is so beautiful Jordan. Wouldn’t wanna get lost again with anyone but you!
    Beautifully Written!

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