Do you

Do you have a minute
Do you have the time
Do you have capacity
Do you know that others can be mean

I tried to get up but I kept falling on my face
I stumbled a bit a ways back but now I am trying to do better
Ever had some one hold you, and then turn their back
Ever had some one you thought the world of, but in return they couldn’t fit you in

Trying to process these storms of emotions
Trying to see past the pain long enough to know there will be better days ahead
Trying to hold your head up, but the world keeps you down
Trying to take the next step but staying stuck where you are

Fell the other day, and looked around to see if anyone saw me
Sometimes when you feel alone, others pass you by when you need them the most
When you need a pick me up, the title of my life song lately
Would anyone take the time to listen, and walk with you on life’s journey

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