Take a breath

We all have a story to tell/We all wish deep inside/someone you trust/someone who understand/the tears in your eyes/the one person/who could see through all your lies/that one person who wouldn’t leave you/when you shared your darkest secrets/when you tried to face the demons/hidden inside your closet/

This world spinning/is it making you dizzy/filling you with regrets/things you wish you never said/wishing you could take it back/the world won’t wait/this world trying to make you move on/some days I am willing/others I struggle to move forward/I dream and let myself give up/

Take a breath/enjoy the breeze/your life is worth so much/your story is being written/people going through similar things/and feeling all alone/because they are too afraid to share/trying to hide themselves for whatever reasons/we all have our insecurities/we all think we are all alone/at one time or another/

You can’t stop the world from spinning/you can’t control the things that you try to/we have been given a purpose/sometimes others will help you find it/some people don’t know how/sometimes people will say something/that seems like pouring water on the fire/the dreams don’t have to die/

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