Just because you

Written after lunch with my best friend.

I am happy just because my life is better since we met
I am excited because I see you growing and getting stronger
Living life apart for a bit, then coming together and catching up like yesterday
Full of struggles but willing to be real and open with each other

I thought of you just because you take the time to listen
You came to my mind in the cookie shop because of your willingness to adjust and listen
Late in the night, I know I have someone who will listen
No matter how busy, this life may get we make time to connect

There are times when we get discouraged and just need a place to vent
Other times we are overwhelmed thinking we’re all alone
That time we misunderstood a text and took it the wrong way
The times that we work it out, and don’t hold any grudges

Living this life is harder when you think you’re all alone
Trying to understand the times you feel like no one cares
Trying to live up to expectations of yourself, but coming up short
Trying to love yourself but remembering others have this struggle too

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