Try to imagine

Try to imagine the impossible
Try to take a journey down memory lane
Try to step back and look at all that you’ve been through
Try to imagine a life of grace, hope and love awaits you

I know it’s hard to understand that your life will get better
I know it’s harder to destroy the expectations others have placed on you
I know it’s difficult to hurt alone, and keep it all bottled up on the inside
I know it’ll take time to learn to trust

If you never take a leap of faith, you’ll stay where you’ve always been
If something in your life strikes up fear and raw emotions, face them
If something in your life needs to change, only you can choose to make it
If something in your path seems too big to overcome, you can rise above

Try to imagine a better today, and even a better tomorrow
Try to remember that when times get tough, you will emerge stronger
Try to envision a tougher you, will make it through on the other side
Try to hope that you can get stronger, but you got to take the steps

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