Thanks for everything

Written when I bought a Mac. There was so much planning that went into this situation.

Don’t know exactly how to explain the thought process
If you listened would you be skeptical and upset
Would you be excited that I bought something to help me pursue my dreams
Or would you be jealous, that you weren’t a part

Looking at the sky with my eyes filled with tears as I fall asleep
Trying just to make it through another day
It takes energy to be in a place of gratitude, but lately I haven’t realized
It takes strength to get through the sorrow, that the night so often brings

Would you help me make my dreams come true
Would you take the time to teach me, how to use technology
Would you be too busy, to take the initiative to tell me things will get better
I don’t mean to be down all the time, but today I have plenty to be thankful for

My pain pushed aside for a while
My thoughts jumbled up come pouring out
My decisions I make for the future, having nothing to do with my past
Trying my best to remember to be thankful.

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