Tried to hide

Correct me if I’m wrong
I never asked for your opinion anyway
We tried to hide the things we thought were safer in the dark
We tried to cover up the the bad with a false smile

Sometimes we think that in our sorrows we are all alone
We put up walls so that other people have to climb them
Tried to hide for so long that it felt safer in the shadows
The things that I have endured, I wish never happened

I think we all have secrets that we think will be our demise
Scared to share them because we think we will be judged
We build a fortress to try to mask the pain inside we feel
We tried to hide for so long, now is the time to be found

Our hearts have been broken, battered
Our thoughts and emotions scattered across the dreary landscape
Our feelings disregarded by the people who we thought cared the most
Our minds filled with the worst possible scenarios

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