Speak to me

When everything seems to be falling apart
When the earth around you fades away
When you’re all alone and the night surrounds you
When you’re laying on your pillow looking at the ceiling

Glancing at my phone, trying to unwind
Wishing my mind would be quiet so I could hear you talk to me
Sometimes, I wonder if you’re remaining silent because of something I did
When my heart is silent, it is then I can hear you talk to me

Talk to me with words that I can understand
Teach me to comprehend the love you have for me
Until the morning when my mind is awake
There is freedom for you my child

I know there are things that upset you
I don’t think that I have anything to give at the end
You gently tell me that you gave your life on the cross for me
You tell me not to worry, but sometimes I don’t listen

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