Try to

There’s a feeling that I can’t explain/trying to understand the way my heart skips/whenever my mind thinks about you/try to understand what it means to be in a relationship/with a girl I am excited to talk to/who wants to hangout when we have the time/

Try to understand/my perspective/like a child on Christmas morning/trying to guess what will happen next/try to understand/the feelings in my heart/when I talk about us/and tell my parents where she’s from/it seems we have so much in common/

Try to take a step back/you’re going so fast/my heart is tends to jump ahead/feeling like I’m special to someone/feeling like I matter/feeling my throat get dry/but it’s your words/that I soak in/to know you want to hear from me/even when things come out scattered/

You told me you had a dog/I know you’re a good dog mom/when you said you were from Michigan/I felt a connection/that was new for me to feel/when you told me you dyed your hair pink/and a bunch of different colors/it brought me back to my college days/

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