Take me to the moon

Didn’t know what the future would hold/sometimes we get caught up in the moment/want to go on an adventure/underneath the sky/with the stars as our only light/trying to explore/but sometimes I want someone to be with me/as I venture into the great unknown/

When I think of the possibilities/my heart soars/higher, higher, higher/there are no limits/space cannot contain/the feeling of being free/when I think of us together/my first thought is/take me to the moon/let’s take a chance and see where it leads/

Trying to explain/won’t ever be able/the people may doubt/and those are the ones that are missing out/don’t worry/we can cut them out/our stories intersect/where the pen meets the paper/where the ground meets the sky/where the ocean meets the edge of the world/

Take me to the moon girl/we can go there together/whenever I am with you/my heart feels lighter/when my mind is clear/then I create new poems without any fear of repercussions/there are times when we can struggle together/with your hand inside mine/

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