A feeling like

Reach up try to touch the sky/when you entered my life/I was on cloud nine/when you told me that we matched/the universe tried to stop us/from communicating with each other/something others said I had a gift of/almost didn’t even happen/

A feeling that I am free/a feeling that I am no longer captive by my past/you helped me find my smile again/even though it’s been hidden for a while/when I didn’t know I had lost it/when it came back/so did the joy of being myself/when I didn’t know what was missing/

A feeling like the morning dew after the long night/a feeling like a sunny day/after days of rain/that is when this feeling/overwhelmed me kind of like when you step outside in winter/the rush of air around me/from my heart beating faster than I can remember/

Spring time is a time of new beginnings/new growth new seasons come and go/like nothing was going to stop us/from the obstacles/because something is special/I don’t know how to describe it/but when I talk to you/something is different than I ever felt/

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