I didn’t think I’d ever get another chance/I didn’t know what would come next/sometimes it’s a surprise/sometimes it can come as a surprise/no one expects/but that doesn’t mean it’s not deserved/other times when I think back/I forget to look for what’s ahead/

Next one up/as they say in sports/to fill the void/that needed to be filled/I know it’s new but can you see/that we have something special/even texting something makes me smile/whenever I am typing/It’s a feeling I’ve never been able to feel before/

First step was really hard/stepping out of my comfort zone/taking a chance/but sometimes you don’t realize/what you’re missing until you take it/I know that’s not usually how it works/but sometimes different is what this world needs/trying to fit in/

We didn’t know it/but there was something/from when we first connected/that made me hopeful we could be something/I admit I didn’t want to scare you away/had to make sure you were safe/after that we got to know each other more/and it made me realize we have so much in common/

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