Can I say

Sometimes people deny the truth/other times they don’t want to be the one that shares it/because sometimes it isn’t obvious/when things flip upside down/leaves me wondering if I should say/truth is always will always be there/when you feel all alone/

Would you rather me try to sugar coat things/or to tell you things straight/or do you want truth at all/does it all depend on the situation/or does it even make a difference/when your actions are affected by reality/of being exposed/being known/

Can I say I am on your side/can I say I am in your corner/but I will shoot straight/sometimes it feels like you don’t want to accept it/because it could change your course/when it hurts so deep/that you don’t know the answers/and when you feel all alone/

Can I say I love you/or would it be too much/I know what my heart wants/but sometimes my mind doesn’t know exactly/I want to be with you/and start a new journey/a place we both could go/so that there is never any judgement/and sometimes truth is tough/

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