A smile

A smile is worth a thousand words
It can brighten someone’s day
Your smile lights up the room that you’re in
Sometimes when I get sad it is hard to smile

Why is it that we don’t usually take time to listen to the sadness
Why is it that we turn the other way when someone is struggling
Why is it harder to see the good in the world, than all the evil
Why is it harder to know what is right than to follow the crowd

It’s hard when things are going bad
To think about all that’s going good
Sometimes we try so hard to mask our sadness because it seems right
Sometimes we try to justify our mood, because no one seems to listen

A smile is like medicine it is good for the soul
A smile is like sunshine when the day seems to turn to darkness
A smile is like lotion on a sunburn
A smile is like a warm blanket when it’s cold

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