Ever felt

I don’t know if you’re the kind who likes to bury your feelings
Underneath the surface, deep inside and keep it hidden in your closet
If you can’t express your thoughts, do you tend to bottle them up
Where life shakes them each and every day until they come pouring out like a volcano

Ever felt worthless
Ever felt like no one would ever listen
Ever felt judged by the ones that you thought loved you in return
Ever felt you were meant to live this life alone forever

Afraid to take a chance, for fear of being labeled
Afraid to take a leap, because you can’t see what lies below
Afraid to take a gamble, because you’ve been burned before
Afraid to take a step into the unknown, because you thought better safe

Ever felt like your drowning
Ever felt like the walls are closing in
Ever felt like the tears you cried at night are just getting the pillow wet
Ever felt like the people you loved would turn their back on you

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