Have you ever wondered

Couldn’t sleep tonight stirring in my bed
Trying to understand the chaos in my mind
Trying anything to ease the pain that accompanies the night for me
Trying to close my eyes and rest, but unable to find your inner peace

Have you ever wondered if you ever will wake up if you fall asleep
Have you ever wondered if you lose the ones you love how that would affect you
Have you ever been in a place where you got abused at night
Have you ever felt safe after you feel betrayed by the people meant to help you

Have you the time to listen to my story
Have you the patience to listen to my heart when I don’t have the words to say
Have you the capacity to understand my situation
Have you the energy if I try to put into words the feelings that haunt me

I don’t know how to say this
Not many people know how to express what’s going on inside
Or if they do, they make the choice to keep it buried under layers
They may feel safer, when they have secrets no one knows

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